Mia Is Such Sweet Farrow

4 Oct

Okay, y’all, what with all the buzz about Mia Farrow and the scandalous possibilities surrounding the parentage of her son, it seems only natural to repost my love letter to her from earlier in the year and to jump in on the guessing game. I have added a paragraph or two and some photos at the end of the article. Enjoy!

Confessions of a Movie Queen

Quick! Who was the subject of the very first People cover story? Why, it was Mia Farrow, of course. Spring of 1974, a whopping 39 years ago. Don’t ask me how/why I actually remember this, but I do, and I’m right.  Mia is the answer to a trivia question. Btw: K.D. Lang is the first cover story on Entertainment Weekly; Tom Hanks & Dan Ackroyd were the first cover story on Premiere. I remember this. I do not need to look it up online. Anyway, when Farrow was on People, it was part of the promotional push for the lavish adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary classic The Great Gatsby starring the then hot-hot-hot Robert Redford as the enigmatic Jay Gatsby.  That movie is widely considered a flop though I think its reputation as a stinker has been over-reported, but I won’t go into that except to say…

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