Ranger Danger

22 Jul

I’m reposting “Ranger Danger” because I want to clear the air about an unfortunately timed coincidence.

Confessions of a Movie Queen

This piece was originally posted on Sunday, July 14, 2013. I began writing it that day–right after I saw the dreadful second weekend box office dip for the already disastrous Lone Ranger movie on Box Office Mojo.  Imagine my surprise when I came home today and found an issue of Entertainment Weekly in my mailbox. Why is that surprising? Well, I received an issue of the magazine, dated July 26, this past Friday (the 19th, to clarify), which means that for some reason last week’s issue arrived a week late. When I didn’t get an issue a week ago, I just figured that EW, as is often the case, was still on hiatus following a special double issue that likely came out around July 4th. Seemed plausible to me.  At any rate, when I opened my week-old issue today, I was stunned to find a huge story about

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